At First it was “Emotional Intelligence”   then it was “Leadership”   The Next Level is: “Professionalism”

 Let me help you - "Influence" - the way people see you "Improving Your Professional Image"


“Your Professionalism" is a measure of your:

  “Character & Conduct


·                Character (Integrity) = Truthful, Reliable, Honest, Trustworthy, Respectful.


·                Conduct (Actions & Words) = Skilled, Supportive, Committed, Resourceful, Mentor.



How do other people see you?

Is it the way you want them to see you?



Would you like a raise?

Would you like to be recognized for your contributions?

Would you like to be seen as more “Promotable”?

Would you like others to “Trust & Respect” you?


You can have all of these: Ask me “How” . . . . .


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