At First it was “Emotional Intelligence”   then it was “Leadership”   The Next Level is: “Professionalism”

 Let me help you - "Influence" - the way people see you "Improving Your Professional Image"
   Professionalism      For "YOU" & the Company      Influencing People




(A measure of Character and Conduct)


Training Programs that “Build and Strengthen” Your


                                           ●     Professional Image and Demeanor

                                ●        Trust and Respect

                                ●        The ability to "Influence People"

                                ●        Empathy for People

                                ●        Collaboration and Teamwork

                                  ●   Willingness to Learn

                                                              ●   Core Values and Beliefs

                              ●   Attitudes and Actions

                              ●   Accountability


This training provides up to a year’s worth of encouragement and re- enforcement of “ACTIONS” that lead to a permanent change in attitudes and behaviours which improves your Professional Image.


This also provides up to a year’s worth of Team Building focus which influences not only your workplace, but also your customers, suppliers and the whole company.


Professional Image (Professionalism)       (A measure of your Character and Conduct)

Unfortunately, you don’t own your “Professional Image”.

To the outside world, your “Professionalism” is totally determined by the opinions of the people around you. You may have many skills and credentials, but people are only going to measure the behaviours they can see at this moment. Rightly or wrongly, your “Professionalism” is a product of other people’s perceptions of you. And, the fact is that they don’t have all the information to formulate an accurate picture of you.


The dictionary defines “Professionalism” as – A measure of a person’s Character and Conduct .


Fortunately, you have total control over both your Character and your Conduct. Both of these can also be improved with a little effort and some additional training.


The “Professionalism Training Programs” presented here are guaranteed to help you “understand and strengthen” the personal behaviours you need while improving your “Professional Image”.


And, best of all, if you sequence these training programs over six months or a year, you will see continuous improvement in “attitude and actions” as a result of ongoing accumulative and positive re-enforcement   of thinking and growth.


Measurable Outcomes


                              ●    An understanding of the driving forces behind people’s “Motivations and Behaviours”

             ●    A questioning process that is guaranteed to “Influence” people’s thinking and actions

             ●    A measurable increase in conflict resolutions skills

         ●    An ability to create a safe and supportive working relationship

             ●    An increased awareness of your own “Emotional Intelligence” mind -set and behaviours

             ●    A changing attitude toward teamwork and people advancement

             ●    A stronger “Empathy” for other people’s circumstance and their ambitions

             ●    A reduction in conflict and hostility

             ●    A tangible and measurable plan that develops new skills in the people you Coach and Mentor

             ●    An awareness of group “Strengths” and how to use them to benefit each other

             ●    A renewed interest in group collaboration and reliance

             ●    A visible change in “Professional Image and Demeanor”


             ●    A continuous growth in your attitude towards “Teamwork”



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